Sunday, 25 February 2007

Special rules I suggest to use in this scenario

  1. The Panzer Leader Opportunity Fire rule.
  2. The Panzer Leader Indirect Fire rule. It is more advanced and realistic than the Panzer Blitz rule.
  3. The Panzer Leader “Artillery field of fire limitation” rule.
  4. New non-turreted armored or artillery vehicles rule.
    I created a rule to differentiate these tanks from the turreted ones. I was not satisfied with the Panzer Leader “functional mobility for Turreted tanks” rule.For all non-turreted armored or artillery vehicles:They can only fire with their full AF when firing at a target “in front” of them. After a movement phase, the unit must be placed with the canon pointing in the desired direction (towards the expected target in the next round).A target is considered “in front” if it is within a 90 degree angle field of fire with the canon at the centre. If a non-turreted vehicles unit fires at a target outside this field of fire, you must halve the AF.This rule is similar to the “Artillery field of fire limitation” rule.

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