Sunday, 25 February 2007

Special rules for Russian units

  1. The single T-34 tank unit supporting the 1019th Rifle Regiment will be dug-in once positioned, so will not be movable during the whole game. It will fire normally but when fired at from a distance of 2 hex or more, add 1 to attacker’s die roll.
  2. The 22nd Guards Mortar Brigade unit can be used for indirect fire from Turn 1 as soon as German units get into range. It cannot however move as stated by next rule below.
  3. All the other relief force units cannot be moved or used for an attack until one of the conditions below is met:
    - Start of Turn 10.
    - Germans took control of all hilltops on hill “129” in previous turn.
    -Germans have seized at least one hex of Kolkohz town in previous turn.
    - A German unit entered Board 3 on previous turn.
    - A relief force unit was fired at on previous turn.
  4. Indirect Fire: The CP unit can spot/direct for all artillery units including the 22nd Guards Mortar Brigade.The 1019th Rifle Regiment’s CO can directly spot/direct for all artillery units except for the 22nd Guards Mortar Brigade. For the latter, it can only relay a spotting to the CP unit.The 1023rd Rifle Regiment’s CO can only start spotting once it is allowed to move (see rule 3 above). It will then be allowed to directly spot/direct for all remaining artillery units (incl. the 22nd Guards Mortar Brigade).
  5. The two SU-122 units (442nd Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment) are to start movements carrying an infantry unit each (one SMG and one RECON).
  6. The two OP (Observation Posts) and the CP (Command Post) units are motorized in this battle (a Jeep). They do not count in the stacking/hex limitation. They can spot and move in the same turn, but for the indirect fire to take place, they need to still be in LOS to the target in the turn when the attack takes place. [recent update]

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