Friday, 23 February 2007

The setup of units before the start.

This situation is played in 15 turns.

The Russians are set up first.

The Advanced Anti-Tank detachment must be placed on Board 2 top of Bednost Hill, South of row T with all carrier units unloaded. All Bednost town hex will be considered as clear terrain. The 2 blocks and 2 mines can be placed on any hilltop hex on same hill.

The 1019th Rifle Regiment and 159th Guards Artillery Regiment must be placed anywhere on Board 2 South of row L with all carrier units unloaded.
Mines: All 10 mines must be placed in a straight line on either row M or row L.
Blocks: can be placed anywhere South of the row of Mines.
Fortresses: They can be placed anywhere on board 2 south of row L except for the two following restrictions: 1 and only 1 of them can be placed on top of hill “129” West of Kolkohz town. One fortress must be placed in Kolkohz town, on the southern hex.
The single T-34 tank unit will be dug-in once positioned, so will not be movable during the whole game. It will fire normally but when attacked from a distance of 2 hex or more, add 1 to attacker’s die roll.

The relief forces are placed on board 3.
The 22nd Guards Mortar Brigade unit must be placed in row W on the middle hex of the hill. All the other units can be placed anywhere south of the gullies crossing the board on row Y. All carrier units (trucks and the 2 x SU-122) must be loaded.
All Zabvenia town hex will be considered as clear terrain. [recent update]

The Germans are then setup on board 2 anywhere North of row Z. All carrier units must be loaded.

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